About Us

Welcome to the Connallon Lab

We seek to develop and improve conceptual links between evolutionary theory and observable biological patterns, with the general goal of better understanding the processes that generate and maintain biodiversity.

Research in the lab includes both theoretical and empirical components, with each component stimulating the other. The theoretical work seeks to develop clear, quantitative, and experimentally testable predictions about the relationship between specific evolutionary processes, and observed biological patterns. Theory is used to motivate new experiments and analyses of publicly available data. Our current empirical research focuses on the study of geographic clines in quantitative traits, and the evolutionary analysis of genome sequence and transcriptomic datasets.

Our main topics of interest include:

  • The evolution of sexual dimorphism
  • The maintenance of genetic variation in quantitative traits and fitness
  • The genetic basis of adaptation
  • The role of genetic constraints in adaptation
  • The evolution of genome structure
  • Sex chromosome evolution
  • Interactions between dispersal and local adaptation

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