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Honours research

Two general types of Honours project are possible:

  • Analysis of geographically variable natural selection and evolutionary constraints in Australian insect species (co-supervised with Dr. Carla Sgro)
  • Projects by negotiation. These include a range of theoretical or empirically oriented projects that span interests within the lab.

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Graduate research (Masters and PhD projects)

Fully funded positions are available for motivated and creative graduate students. Some potential projects topics include (but are not limited to):

  • The evolution of geographically variable in sexual dimorphism (co-supervised by Dr. Carla Sgrò)
  • The mutational spectrum of sex-specific variation (co-supervised by Dr. Damian Dowling)
  • Sex chromosome evolution
  • Assorted topics in evolutionary theory

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Postdoctoral research

Funding is currently available for postdoctoral scholars whose general research interests and skills are complementary to ours. To discuss potential research projects, please send a brief statement of research interests and a current CV to